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When this mistress noticed that she had an unruly slave, she had to act and she did so using her big ass in jeans. The mistress turned him on by teasing him and then she left him high and dry. Then she told him that that was just a warning. He would not like what she would do to him next if he did not stop being unruly. It was now up to him.

Mistress Zora was dying to have her ass licked and so she did not hesitate to get that done. The mistress did this by enticing this guy to lick her ass as well as she wanted it to be done and in no time, this guy did it. He had his eye on fucking her and he knew that licking her good was the best way there. And he turned her on and got his wish.

Queen Hanna and her friend mistress Jane have hot asses and they also like to show off their hot asses. They wanted to make a hot video which their subscribers would jerk off to so they used their asses in jeans to do it. They did not need to remove their jeans or be nude to make it hot. The hot asses and the thongs did the work for them.

When this mistress realized that her slave had never been punished before, she knew it was the reason he always made mistakes. And to make sure that stopped, she started him off with a small punishment whereby he had to lick her ass and smell it. She told him that if he did not style up and change, she would do worse things to him and punish him in worse ways.

Mistress Jane wanted to punish her husband for not taking her out on a date for a few weeks now. She wanted him to create the time and so she teased him and she made him get turned on as she flaunted her hot ass and he was horny and wanted her. But she got into bed and she slept and she told him he would get some after he took her out. He took her the following day.

Mistress Zora did not want to struggle to make money when she had a butt to die for. The mistress got this guy to watch as she did her thing and put on a naughty show for him. He loved what he saw from her and he made it rain for her not knowing that was what she wanted and expected from him but he was not going to get anything else apart from what she had already done.

This guy had an interest in mistress Anfisa and since he felt that she was out of his league, he did what she did not expect. He offered to pay her so that he could have the chance to ass worship her. She did not object as she knew she stood to benefit a lot especially financially and it was also something new for her to enjoy. So she let her do it to her and pay.

Mistress Anfisa loves to play with her ass and that is what she did today. She was bored and she used her hot ass to cure the boredom. The mistress spanked herself and recorded herself playing with her ass and she was surprised that she was turned on as she did that. And that led her to turn the attention from her ass to her pussy and she had to make herself cum.

Mistress Anfisa has a gorgeous ass. She loves it when she gets it complimented by people in the streets but she loves it, even more, when she gets ass worshipped. She had missed it and she wanted that to be done today. So she flirted with this guy and invited him back to her place where she tied him up before she teased him with her sexy ass and had him worship it.

Mistress Anfisa made this guy feel like crying because she used her sexy charm to make him worship her butt. She has a deadly ass and she teased him with it while wearing and showing off her g-string. She also made flirty and naughty moves knowing too well that the guy was horny. It was like adding fuel to the fire and he was horny as fuck. But she teased and denied him. That is why he felt like crying.

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