Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

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Princess Serena is blessed with a great ass and she did not hesitate to use it for fun. She wanted to have it worshipped so she teased this guy, flirted with him and she controlled him. The mistress was able to make him do anything she wanted and that is how she got him to lick as well as worship it. It was great for her and she even recorded it.

Princess Serena had gotten a slave to worship her ass but it was not done to her expectations. So she paid this guy who had a thing for butts to do some proper ass worshipping. The guy did her ass the justice it deserved and she loved it. She enjoyed all of that from him and she knew that her money was well spent. She knew she would want that again.

Princess Serena has a gorgeous ass and she does not have any problem flaunting it. That is why she chose to dominate this loser with her hot ass and to drive him wild. It had been long since she had teased and denied and today was the day for her to have that fun again. But she let the guy jerk off so as to satisfy himself as she teased him.

Princess Serena knew this guy was an admirer of hers but she did not feel him that much. She chose to use her hot ass to have fun at his expense. She just flaunted it to him and she made him want her even more and then she told him that she was done and could not go on. She told him to go and jerk off to satisfy herself.

Princess Serena likes her ass and she enjoys it when she gets it worshipped. She wanted her husband to worship it so she teased him and turned him on. When he wanted to bone her, she told him that the prerequisite for that was to worship her ass and he had no choice because he wanted her badly. They each got what they wanted at the end of the day.

Given that princess Serena has a butt to die for, she knew it was a good asset for her to use to get things which she could not get through any other means. So the mistress used her ass today to get info which she had tried to get through other means but she could not. The mistress teased the guy who had that info and she got it in no time.

Princess Serena enjoys using getting her ass worshipped and that is what she did today. The mistress enjoyed how this guy was looking at her and she knew he was fantasizing about her ass. And the mistress knew it was now time for her to have fun at his expense and she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress laughed at the guy as he struggled to do what she asked him to do.

Princess Serena had gotten a better offer at another firm and she was ready to quit her job for the new position. And she had to teach her boss a lesson as he had not been good to her at all. So she teased him as she knew he found her attractive and that was the genesis of her troubles as she did not want to sleep with him. And after teasing him, she tortured him without touching him and still denied him and made him feel like crap.

This guy tried to seduce princess Serena but she felt he was not in her league. But she wanted to have fun at his expense nonetheless. She went ahead and she made him worship her gorgeous ass. He had no choice but to do what she had instructed him to do. He even jerked off as per her instructions and he was helpless against her and did everything she said.

Princess Serena loves to flaunt her butt so that guys can admire it. She does it so that she can get affirmation as well as validation through it. They think she does it for their benefit but she does not. She is always doing it for herself because she is thirsty for the compliments. And that is what she wanted today as she used her lingerie to show off her hot ass.

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