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When this mistress learned that she was dealing with someone who was addicted to sex, she knew that she had to play with him and she did it. It was fun for the mistress to have the guy turned on as she flirted with him and showed off her big ass. But she used the same sexy ass to turn him off as she had him smell her stinky farts.

This mistress knew how to control her man. She knew he had a thing for her ass and he never got enough of it. He was having a bad day at work and she knew her ass would cheer her up. So she bent over and she let him not only view it and spank it, but he was also free to do whatever he wanted to it. He worshipped it.

These mistresses are roommates and over time, they realized that they felt something for each other and they wanted to try some naughty stuff. They had talked about it and they were not interested in regular things. That is why today the dominant roommate made her friend lick her ass and smell it too. She was turned on by the dominating attitude of her roommate and they had a great time.

This guy had chosen the wrong time to mess with these mistresses. They had all the time in the world and so when it came to dealing with him and punishing him, they were not in any hurry. And since they were trying out new ways of having fun, they chose to ass crush him. They placed his head between their asses and they tried to crush his head as painfully as they could.

This mistress has a thing for ass worship. She loves it when her ass is licked and when it is smelled. Today she got this guy to do those things to her ass but she had clearly told him that it did not mean she was going to fuck him. She just wanted to feel what she usually feels whenever she gets those things done to her ass and sometimes her pussy.

Mistress Mina loves her ass to bits. She loves to pamper it and get it massaged and licked from time to time as a reward for it being hot. The mistress felt that she needed to that done today and she invited this loser over to her place. She teased him and after a few minutes, she was in control of him and she had him do all manner of things to her ass with the exception of fucking her in the ass.

Mistress Gina loves to have naughty fun and today she felt like having her ass eaten and her pussy licked but she still wanted to play her video games. So she bent over and she had this guy lick her ass and smell it as well as lick her pussy. All this while she was playing her video games and she had a great time as she had the best of both worlds.

Mistress Sasara felt that her husband was not giving her the attention she wanted and that did not feel right with her. She was bored and she craved his attention. So the mistress went ahead and she undressed and went to where he was seated and dangled her ass on his face. He could not resist it nd he buried his face in`it and that is how they had amazing sex and they spent a few hours together.

This mistress wanted to entertain this guy and she felt that using her ass was the best way to go about it. And she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress got this guy to watch as she teased him and turned his dull day into a great one. He loved all she did and he wished she would let him touch the lovely behind but she did not.

Mistress Gina knew that her boyfriend was madly in love with her ass. He wanted to lick and smell it today and he was so serious that she had to agree and let him do it. The mistress did not think it would be fun for her but it ended up being a great thing for her too and not just him. She felt great as he licked her ass and buried his face in it.

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