Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

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Mistress Kira felt that her colleague was appropriate towards her as he always talked about her ass and once in a while he tried to initiate contact with her ass. She did not appreciate it and had to punish him which she did today when she used the same ass to facesit him and to force him to worship it. He never tried it again as he knew what she was capable of.

Princess Kira is hot and sexy. Her fitness trainer had a crush on her and that gave her the ability to control him. Since she did not want to have a thing with him, she chose to make him lick her ass and worship it too. So she turned him from a fitness trainer into an ass worshipper. He licked and smelled her ass as well as did everything else she asked.

When this mistress noticed that this guy was infatuated with her and he was staring at her ass unceasingly, she knew he was a ripe candidate for ass worship. And so she had him worship her ass and he could not resist it. He licked and smelled her ass as she had ordered. And she went to the extent of facesitting on him good measure. It was great for her but not for him.

Mistress Kira and mistress Sofi wanted to get their rent waived and they got to do it when they turned their landlord into a play thing. He was made to worship their asses and was turned on by their gorgeous asses. He wanted to have a little fun with them as he did not many hot girls around him and that is how they got themselves living rent free in his house.

Mistress Sofi wanted her boyfriend to learn how to worship her ass because it was a huge part of her sex life. Her boyfriend had never done it before and she knew that he had to learn. This was also because he loved her ass and it would be better if he knew how she loved to be ass worshipped. So she showed him practically what she wanted done to it from licking it to smelling it and even rubbing it and spanking it.

Mistress Kira knew this loser needed some humiliation in order for him to learn to do things the right way. And that is why she chose to dominate him using her hot ass. She turned it from an instrument of pleasure to one of humiliation and if he was not careful, she was willing to make it one of pain. Luckily he followed her instructions and she did not need to go down that road.

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