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Mistress Meagan needed to sue her former employer for wrongful dismissal but she did not have the money to pay for her bills. Luckily for her, she had a great ass and this lawyer had an eye for curvy hot women and so they hit it off and that is how they satisfied each other's needs and each one of them got what they wanted at the end of the day.

Princess Amira loves to have fun and her ex loved that about her. He wanted some more fun with her and he went to her house looking to win her back and fuck her like never before. But she did not feel the same way and instead of them fucking, she turned on him and she made him eat her shit after she had facesat on him for her own enjoyment.

Princess Serena knew this guy was an admirer of hers but she did not feel him that much. She chose to use her hot ass to have fun at his expense. She just flaunted it to him and she made him want her even more and then she told him that she was done and could not go on. She told him to go and jerk off to satisfy herself.

Princess Serena likes her ass and she enjoys it when she gets it worshipped. She wanted her husband to worship it so she teased him and turned him on. When he wanted to bone her, she told him that the prerequisite for that was to worship her ass and he had no choice because he wanted her badly. They each got what they wanted at the end of the day.

Mistress Jane wanted to punish her husband for not taking her out on a date for a few weeks now. She wanted him to create the time and so she teased him and she made him get turned on as she flaunted her hot ass and he was horny and wanted her. But she got into bed and she slept and she told him he would get some after he took her out. He took her the following day.

Given that princess Serena has a butt to die for, she knew it was a good asset for her to use to get things which she could not get through any other means. So the mistress used her ass today to get info which she had tried to get through other means but she could not. The mistress teased the guy who had that info and she got it in no time.

This guy had an interest in mistress Anfisa and since he felt that she was out of his league, he did what she did not expect. He offered to pay her so that he could have the chance to ass worship her. She did not object as she knew she stood to benefit a lot especially financially and it was also something new for her to enjoy. So she let her do it to her and pay.

Goddess Greta knew she had a sexy ass and she was proud of it. She also knew it got her a lot of attention from both men and women. But it was not until this guy worshipped her ass that she knew how much some people loved her ass and how much powerful it was especially to such guys. She had a great time as he licked it, complimented it and touched it lovingly.

Goddess Greta wanted to have her ass worshipped and that is what happened. The mistress did not bother to ask this guy. She just got him to lick her ass and she humiliated him a great deal. The mistress choked him while she facesat on him and she also crushed his face before she had him worship it, lick it, and shower compliments on it. That is when she let him go.

Mistress Lisa wanted to get this guy's attention so she used her hot ass to seduce him. The mistress knew that for him to do what she wanted, he had to make sure that he was into her. The mistress turned him on with her irresistible charm and she got into his mind and she got what she wanted out of him. He also had a great time checking out her hot ass although he did not get to nail her as he wanted.

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