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Mistress Meagan was frustrated by the stubborn nature of her husband and she had to humiliate him and dominate him so that he learned his lesson the hard way. That is why she went out of her way to facesit on him then have him lick her ass instead of the foreplay he expected. He did not want to be humiliated that way again so he changed and did things her way.

When mistress Medea noticed that her neighbor was infatuated with her and that he had a thing for her ass, she had to use it to have fun at his expense. She did not waste time in humiliating him when she invited him to her house and she flaunted her ass and she had him worship it. He loved what he saw but did not like how she could not fuck him.

Mistress Tink and mistress Cassie felt that they needed to dominate their sleepy slave and they went ahead to do it. It was a lot of fun for them but they did not stop to consider what it did to their slave. The slave was humiliated and he was in a lot of pain as a result. The mistresses' asses were dirty as they had not showered the whole day.

Princess Amira loves to have fun and her ex loved that about her. He wanted some more fun with her and he went to her house looking to win her back and fuck her like never before. But she did not feel the same way and instead of them fucking, she turned on him and she made him eat her shit after she had facesat on him for her own enjoyment.

This BBW mistress has a thing for shit and it is something she wanted her husband to also enjoy so she taught him to enjoy it. She wanted both of them to have fun with it so she went ahead and she had the guy learn it theoretically but today he was to do it practically. She lied on her stomach with her ass available to him for licking and he had to lick it first before she made him eat shit.

Lady Alshari did not ask this guy to worship her butt but she knew he had a thing for sexy asses and given that she had one, she knew he would not resist it. The mistress wore a fitting latex which made her figure and especially her ass pop out. The guy's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he admired and stared at her. She loved the reaction.

Mistress Dana was addicted to having her ass worshiped. Ever since she had had it worshiped, she has never looked back. She always likes to make guys admire it and she loves the reactions she gets from them staring at her ass and how it bounces up and down. Some of them, like this guy, drool literally when they see her hot ass and even her big tits. And this is what she loves to see.

Mistress Anfisa likes to show off her hot body and especially her hot behind. The mistress was at it again today as she made this loser watch her as she gyrated her behind and showed off her thong through her jeans. It was a pretty and sexy sight for the guy and he could not help but get turned on. She however did not feel the same and she had achieved her objective so she teased and denied him.

Lady Maria's ass is out of this world. She is not the kind of person who can sit on something that wonderful and not use it to her advantage. She did not have much to do today so she felt getting her ass worshiped was a good way to spend her day. So she used it to tease this guy and she got him to watch as she turned him on but denied him.

Lady Shay did not show any intention of revenging on what this guy had done to her. The mistress let the guy forget he had pissed her off and done bad things to her. When she felt enough time had passed and she wanted her revenge, she knew he did not remember. So she invited him to her house where she lied to him there as a deal she wanted them to discuss. But he found himself being her ass slave and being choked with her ass.

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