Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

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This mistress has a sexy and curvy ass but with a hairy butthole. She wanted this guy who had been admiring it with her clothes on and with her clothes off to also admire and enjoy the things and places he could not see such as the hairy butthole. So she forced him to worship it and he had no choice but to do what the mistress had asked him to do.

Goddess Nika needed to make sure that her slave worshipped her ass and so she did what she could to make sure that he did so. She teased him with her hot body and she made sure that he learned his lesson in a way he had never done before. The mistress got him where she wanted and he was turned on but was denied by the mistress before she chased him from her house.

This mistress felt that she needed to have her ass worshipped and she looked for someone to do it. When she did not get someone as she did not have a slave to force to do it, she chose to pay someone to do it and once she planned to pay, she got many takers. She settled on one and she had fun having her asshole licked and her ass worshipped.

When mistress Jardena felt that she did not have any more use for her assistant, she did what she felt was the next best thing and she made him rim her. Now that she did not have anything for him to do, the mistress chose to dominate him and she did it as cruelly as she wanted to. He was made to rim her and then she let him go when he was done.

Mistress Tink and mistress Cassie felt that they needed to dominate their sleepy slave and they went ahead to do it. It was a lot of fun for them but they did not stop to consider what it did to their slave. The slave was humiliated and he was in a lot of pain as a result. The mistresses' asses were dirty as they had not showered the whole day.

Lady Fenja has an ass to die for and she knew this guy would not be able to resist it. So she teased him and got him hooked on everything she did and what she told him. After she had that control over him, she made him her toilet slave and she had him lick her ass and her asshole first then do the same to her shit. And he did it all without asking questions.

This guy had chosen the wrong time to mess with these mistresses. They had all the time in the world and so when it came to dealing with him and punishing him, they were not in any hurry. And since they were trying out new ways of having fun, they chose to ass crush him. They placed his head between their asses and they tried to crush his head as painfully as they could.

Lady Zora wanted to dominate this guy and she knew that the best way for her to do what she wanted was for him to be turned on by her hot ass. So she got him to worship her ass and be turned on by her ass before she dominated him. She waited until she had total control over him before she dominated him as he was like a puppet.

Princess Valerie wanted to punish her slave but at the same time have him do something that would be fun to her. So the mistress found out about ass worship and she knew it was the best thing to do. The mistress summoned him and she instructed him to lick her ass and fuck it with his tongue and he did it expertly because he was partly aroused seeing her ass and her pussy and being able to smell them.

This mistress knew that her workmate was into her and she wanted to take advantage of that to control him. And she did so by using her ass which she had noticed that he was into. The mistress enjoyed turning him on with her ass and then using it to control him. The guy was made to lick it, smell it and do other sorts of things that she wanted.

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