Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

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Goddess Nika did not want to associate with this loser. She had no time for him. But when she remembered that she had always wanted to have her ass licked, she remembered that that was the one thing he could do for her. So she turned him into an ass licker and ass worshipped and he had to lick, worship and smell her ass. She enjoyed it as did the loser although it was a little humiliating for him.

Goddess Nika went and bought sexy lingerie. She then wore it and waited for her husband to get home. When he did, he found her looking absolutely sexy and he wanted to have her right there and then. But she did not give him the chance just yet. She teased him and got him to worship her ass and do other naughty things for her before she finally let him have her.

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