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Madame Marissa noticed that this guy had a thing for her and she knew she had to take advantage of it. She has a sexy ass so she used it to tease the neighbor and to turn him on. The neighbor could not resist her and was instantly turned on by the mistress and he tried to get her to sleep with him but she only left him high and dry.

Queen Hanna and her friend mistress Jane have hot asses and they also like to show off their hot asses. They wanted to make a hot video which their subscribers would jerk off to so they used their asses in jeans to do it. They did not need to remove their jeans or be nude to make it hot. The hot asses and the thongs did the work for them.

Mistress Tink wanted her boyfriend to eat her ass but he had refused as it was not his thing. But she knew what to do in order to get what she wanted. So the mistress asked him to play a game with her and whoever won would do whatever he or she wanted to the loser. He agreed and she won the game. That is how he had no choice but to eat her ass.

Mistress Zephy had made a mistake and she was due to be sanctioned. But she knew that the head of HR had a thing for her and so she used her hot ass to tease and turn him on after which she had him lick her ass and in the process, she was able to control him and get him to drop the sanctions he intended to give to her.

This mistress knows that she has a big ass and she loves to use it to get favors. This is especially so to guys who have a thing for big asses. When she realized that this guy had mad love for big butts, she used it to get him to get her info from his work which she used for her financial advantage. And the guy was under her spell and did what she asked.

When mistress Jardena felt that she did not have any more use for her assistant, she did what she felt was the next best thing and she made him rim her. Now that she did not have anything for him to do, the mistress chose to dominate him and she did it as cruelly as she wanted to. He was made to rim her and then she let him go when he was done.

Mistress Niki and mistress Sara have great asses and bodies but they were also naughty. They wanted to try girl on girl action but being naughty girls, they spiced it up a little bit. They had a guy lick their asses and especially their assholes while they made out before they went to lick each other's pussies and finger fuck each other until they had the multiple orgasms they knew would follow.

This guy was infatuated with lady Meli and when she realized that, she took advantage of him. She knew he had particular interest in her ass and she used it to make some money out of him. He had to pay her to ass worship her and the mistress loved it. The guy did not refuse. He agreed to pay her so as to get the chance to worship her gorgeous butt.

Lady Fenja has an ass to die for and she knew this guy would not be able to resist it. So she teased him and got him hooked on everything she did and what she told him. After she had that control over him, she made him her toilet slave and she had him lick her ass and her asshole first then do the same to her shit. And he did it all without asking questions.

This girl lived a sheltered life and she hated it. She was naughty at heart but she did not find the space to do some of the things she wanted to do. And so she had to do them within the confines of her room. So today she locked her room and she recorded herself shitting. She spread her tight asshole and she forced shit through it and smeared it on herself.

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