Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

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Mistress Dana has a gorgeous ass. It is spankable and lickable. She loved that she drew a lot of attention from men and women because of her ass. Many of them wanted it. She was not very generous with it but what she liked was having it worshipped, which is what she had this guy who had a thing for her ass do. She enjoyed it and even recorded it.

Mistress Dana felt that this guy needed to be degraded and she had her ass on standby to do that. The mistress facesat him and she forced him to worship her ass, something he could not say no to. The mistress laughed at him as he did so and she knew that the punishment suited him. He was denied after all he had done to worship her ass. He had thought he would get to fuck her.

Mistress Dana wanted to pass time and she did it using her hot ass. She knew how much people loved it and she wanted to make sure this guy did too. And as she teased him, she was surprised that the guy was so into her ass that he showered her with money. She did not refuse the money and she made sure he gave her a little more by teasing him some more.

Mistress Dana is blessed with a gorgeous ass and she did not hesitate to have it worshipped. That is what she did today as she had this loser check out her ass and then she ordered him to jerk off as she twerked for him. He could not believe it and he did as she asked him and had a great time worshipping her ass and also jerking off like she asked him.

Mistress Dana needed to pay this loser but she felt she could give him something far better than money - her time and showing off her hot body. People like him could only dream of hot bodies like hers. And she chose to use her hot ass to flirt with him and tease him. She showed off her g-string as well as her amazing ass and he could not resist jerking off to what he saw.

Mistress Dana was addicted to having her ass worshiped. Ever since she had had it worshiped, she has never looked back. She always likes to make guys admire it and she loves the reactions she gets from them staring at her ass and how it bounces up and down. Some of them, like this guy, drool literally when they see her hot ass and even her big tits. And this is what she loves to see.

Mistress Dana has a great ass and is not shy about showing it off. She knows a lot of guys love it and she is not afraid to show it to them but for her entertainment and not theirs. She makes it look like she is doing it for them but all she wants to do is to tease them and then deny them. They have to go and jerk off to satisfy themselves.

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