Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

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This mistress came from what her slave did to her. She was ass worshipped which involved her ass being massaged and then licked and eaten by the slave. He did it so well and since she had not been fucked in a while, she was so turned on that she came explosively a little later as he continued licking and eating her like an expert. She was sweetly surprised by his prowess.

Goddess Tempest is the kind of person who likes to be worshipped. And since she has a hot ass, she wanted it to be worshipped. So she looked for who to worship it and she settled on her neighbor. The mistress loved teasing him and he thought that she wanted to fuck him. But he was shocked when instead of that, she made him worship her ass and lick it too.

This mistress wanted her ass to be worshipped. As this guy tried to find out how to do that, the mistress told him it was simple as all he had to do was to lick her ass and smell her farts. He was shocked but she did not give him a lot of time to think about it. She forced the poor guy to do the things she wanted him to do.

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