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Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

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Lady Anja felt that she needed to have her ass worshipped. It had been a while since that had happened and she wanted to enjoy it again. So she got this guy to do it and since he needed a little motivation in order to do it, she used her sexy ass to tease him and also her high heels to scare him into action. He did what she asked.

Lady Anja knew that her boyfriend missed her ass and he loved to worship it. But he was not around because of work engagements but he needed to check out her ass. So she sent him a video of her ass so that he would worship it and even use it to jerk off before he got home to have the real thing. He loved it when he got it.

Lady Anja wanted to get a taste of ass worshipping but she did not have a loser to do it for her. And since she did not know how to go about it and she did not want to ask, she chose to pay this guy to do it for her. The mistress checked out online videos of worship my ass fetish so that she had an idea of how it was supposed to be done and she got this guy to do the same.

Lady Anja had been requested numerous times by this loser to let him worship her butt but she had always found it weird and she refused all those times. But today she was bored and curiosity got the better of her and she agreed. She showed off her ass and she was fascinated to see how much of an effect it had on him and how he jerked off to satisfy himself. Then he appreciated her by paying her some good money.

Lady Anja loves it when her ass is worshiped. Her boyfriend loves her ass to the moon and back and worshiping it is his favorite thing to do. He loves to look at it, lick it and feel it on his face before he fucks her. It makes her feel alive and he cannot believe that all that ass is his. Today the mistress wanted him to worship it without touching it which was tricky for him.

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