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Mistress Mina loves her ass to bits. She loves to pamper it and get it massaged and licked from time to time as a reward for it being hot. The mistress felt that she needed to that done today and she invited this loser over to her place. She teased him and after a few minutes, she was in control of him and she had him do all manner of things to her ass with the exception of fucking her in the ass.

Lady Anja knew that her boyfriend missed her ass and he loved to worship it. But he was not around because of work engagements but he needed to check out her ass. So she sent him a video of her ass so that he would worship it and even use it to jerk off before he got home to have the real thing. He loved it when he got it.

Lady Vivian knew her man loved her ass and he loved to worship it. He loved it when she showed it off to her and how she facesat on him. But today she was not interested in any of that. All the mistress wanted was to tease him as well as make him get horny and then deny him until the evening. And the fact that she did not show any skin as she did it with her jeans made things worse for him as he yearned to see some skin.

Lady Shay had not had her ass worshiped recently and she wanted it to be worshiped today. So she got this loser who had a crush on her to come to her house and she teased him. He literally drooled as she flaunted her ass and he felt like doing a million things to it and he even told her. But she did not care and she did not do it.

Lady Vivian knew her boyfriend loved her ass. It was a source of pleasure for him for a long time. But today she wanted to turn it into a source of pain. In short, she weaponized her ass and she got it to deliver a lot of pain and humiliation to him because he deserved it. He had messed up big time and she used her ass to facesit on him and choke him and crush his head.

Princess Serena likes the thrill of doing naughty things in public. She liked this guy and they were flirting. They were doing progressively crazy things and she wanted to top it. So she did this by teasing him with her thong. She opened her jeans and she showed off her thong as he watched and wished he could put his dick in what he was seeing in front of him.

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