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This mistress had a sweet surprise from her boyfriend today. The mistress was just lying on the couch when her boyfriend came and he took off her panties. She laughed and was excited thinking he wanted to have sex with her which he did but it was what he did next that shocked and pleased her. He ate her ass like never before and he even gave her an orgasm before they had sex.

Mistress Kira knew this loser needed some humiliation in order for him to learn to do things the right way. And that is why she chose to dominate him using her hot ass. She turned it from an instrument of pleasure to one of humiliation and if he was not careful, she was willing to make it one of pain. Luckily he followed her instructions and she did not need to go down that road.

Lady Anja wanted to get a taste of ass worshipping but she did not have a loser to do it for her. And since she did not know how to go about it and she did not want to ask, she chose to pay this guy to do it for her. The mistress checked out online videos of worship my ass fetish so that she had an idea of how it was supposed to be done and she got this guy to do the same.

Mistress Anfisa made this guy feel like crying because she used her sexy charm to make him worship her butt. She has a deadly ass and she teased him with it while wearing and showing off her g-string. She also made flirty and naughty moves knowing too well that the guy was horny. It was like adding fuel to the fire and he was horny as fuck. But she teased and denied him. That is why he felt like crying.

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