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Lady Vivian was angry at her husband but he did not know it. He wanted to fuck her but she did not want any of that. But she did not tell him she did not want. So she teased him with her hot ass and she got him very horny before she pretended to have a headache and a stomachache meaning she would not have any sex with him. She told him to jerk off.

Lady Vivian knew her man loved her ass and he loved to worship it. He loved it when she showed it off to her and how she facesat on him. But today she was not interested in any of that. All the mistress wanted was to tease him as well as make him get horny and then deny him until the evening. And the fact that she did not show any skin as she did it with her jeans made things worse for him as he yearned to see some skin.

Lady Vivian knew her boyfriend loved her ass. It was a source of pleasure for him for a long time. But today she wanted to turn it into a source of pain. In short, she weaponized her ass and she got it to deliver a lot of pain and humiliation to him because he deserved it. He had messed up big time and she used her ass to facesit on him and choke him and crush his head.

Lady Vivian was feeling naughty and she chose to have fun with herself. She was home alone and she was bored so she ended up making a naughty video with her ass. She danced and teased and gyrated with it. It was a lot of fun for her and she would view the footage and then try something different. She did not notice how time flew as she did so.

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