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This guy was infatuated with lady Meli and when she realized that, she took advantage of him. She knew he had particular interest in her ass and she used it to make some money out of him. He had to pay her to ass worship her and the mistress loved it. The guy did not refuse. He agreed to pay her so as to get the chance to worship her gorgeous butt.

Princess Amira loves to have fun and her ex loved that about her. He wanted some more fun with her and he went to her house looking to win her back and fuck her like never before. But she did not feel the same way and instead of them fucking, she turned on him and she made him eat her shit after she had facesat on him for her own enjoyment.

Mistress Gina loves to have naughty fun and today she felt like having her ass eaten and her pussy licked but she still wanted to play her video games. So she bent over and she had this guy lick her ass and smell it as well as lick her pussy. All this while she was playing her video games and she had a great time as she had the best of both worlds.

This mistress wanted to entertain this guy and she felt that using her ass was the best way to go about it. And she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress got this guy to watch as she teased him and turned his dull day into a great one. He loved all she did and he wished she would let him touch the lovely behind but she did not.

Lady Shay had not had her ass worshiped recently and she wanted it to be worshiped today. So she got this loser who had a crush on her to come to her house and she teased him. He literally drooled as she flaunted her ass and he felt like doing a million things to it and he even told her. But she did not care and she did not do it.

Mistress Lisa used her ass to torture this guy. And she did it without touching him. The mistress tied him to a chair and she got him to watch as she teased him and she did her thing. The guy got turned on immediately but he could do nothing about it. When she felt he was at the peak, she denied him and she left him there. It was humiliating.

Lady Vivian knew her boyfriend loved her ass. It was a source of pleasure for him for a long time. But today she wanted to turn it into a source of pain. In short, she weaponized her ass and she got it to deliver a lot of pain and humiliation to him because he deserved it. He had messed up big time and she used her ass to facesit on him and choke him and crush his head.

Goddess Yasemin is a debt collector and it is not always that she uses force to collect a debt. Sometimes all she needs it to use a little flattery and a little teasing to get it. She noticed that this guy had a thing for her nice ass and she used it to tease him. Within no time, the guy had paid back the debt he owed and she went away happily.

Mistress BlackDiamoond had always wanted to be licked in the butthole. She had tried to hint it to her boyfriend but he flatly refused. He did not even want her to do it to him. She had no option but to get someone who would do that to him. She figured that if she did not fuck him and he just licked her asshole, she would not be cheating on her man.

Princess Kitty wanted to give this guy a taste or rather a smell of her sexy ass. She knew he had the hots for it and she wanted to have fun at his expense. So she had the best of both when she got him to get closer to her ass and touch it with his face. She then made him smell her butt and she farted on him in the end.

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