Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

Princess Serena knew this guy was an admirer of hers but she did not feel him that much. She chose to use her hot ass to have fun at his expense. She just flaunted it to him and she made him want her even more and then she told him that she was done and could not go on. She told him to go and jerk off to satisfy herself.

When this mistress realized that her slave had never been punished before, she knew it was the reason he always made mistakes. And to make sure that stopped, she started him off with a small punishment whereby he had to lick her ass and smell it. She told him that if he did not style up and change, she would do worse things to him and punish him in worse ways.

Lady Zora caught her subordinate doing his things on company time and she did not like it. She had to make sure he never did that again so she punished him with her butt. It was not a painful exercise but it was a humiliating one as she teased him and denied him. He could not do anything about it and had to endure the humiliation and promise to do better.

Princess Serena likes her ass and she enjoys it when she gets it worshipped. She wanted her husband to worship it so she teased him and turned him on. When he wanted to bone her, she told him that the prerequisite for that was to worship her ass and he had no choice because he wanted her badly. They each got what they wanted at the end of the day.

This guy had chosen the wrong time to mess with these mistresses. They had all the time in the world and so when it came to dealing with him and punishing him, they were not in any hurry. And since they were trying out new ways of having fun, they chose to ass crush him. They placed his head between their asses and they tried to crush his head as painfully as they could.

Mistress Jane wanted to punish her husband for not taking her out on a date for a few weeks now. She wanted him to create the time and so she teased him and she made him get turned on as she flaunted her hot ass and he was horny and wanted her. But she got into bed and she slept and she told him he would get some after he took her out. He took her the following day.

Given that princess Serena has a butt to die for, she knew it was a good asset for her to use to get things which she could not get through any other means. So the mistress used her ass today to get info which she had tried to get through other means but she could not. The mistress teased the guy who had that info and she got it in no time.

This guy was horny and princess Kitty felt pity for him as he had not had sex in a very long time. She did not want him to continue that way so she used her hot butt which she was sure he liked to tease him and she made him jerk off. She was even kind enough to make him jerk off to her instructions which she made naughty for him to cum faster.

This mistress has a thing for ass worship. She loves it when her ass is licked and when it is smelled. Today she got this guy to do those things to her ass but she had clearly told him that it did not mean she was going to fuck him. She just wanted to feel what she usually feels whenever she gets those things done to her ass and sometimes her pussy.

Mistress Zora did not want to struggle to make money when she had a butt to die for. The mistress got this guy to watch as she did her thing and put on a naughty show for him. He loved what he saw from her and he made it rain for her not knowing that was what she wanted and expected from him but he was not going to get anything else apart from what she had already done.

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