Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

This guy was horny and princess Kitty felt pity for him as he had not had sex in a very long time. She did not want him to continue that way so she used her hot butt which she was sure he liked to tease him and she made him jerk off. She was even kind enough to make him jerk off to her instructions which she made naughty for him to cum faster.

This mistress has a thing for ass worship. She loves it when her ass is licked and when it is smelled. Today she got this guy to do those things to her ass but she had clearly told him that it did not mean she was going to fuck him. She just wanted to feel what she usually feels whenever she gets those things done to her ass and sometimes her pussy.

Mistress Zora did not want to struggle to make money when she had a butt to die for. The mistress got this guy to watch as she did her thing and put on a naughty show for him. He loved what he saw from her and he made it rain for her not knowing that was what she wanted and expected from him but he was not going to get anything else apart from what she had already done.

Mistress Dana wanted to pass time and she did it using her hot ass. She knew how much people loved it and she wanted to make sure this guy did too. And as she teased him, she was surprised that the guy was so into her ass that he showered her with money. She did not refuse the money and she made sure he gave her a little more by teasing him some more.

Lady Zora wanted to dominate this guy and she knew that the best way for her to do what she wanted was for him to be turned on by her hot ass. So she got him to worship her ass and be turned on by her ass before she dominated him. She waited until she had total control over him before she dominated him as he was like a puppet.

Princess Serena enjoys using getting her ass worshipped and that is what she did today. The mistress enjoyed how this guy was looking at her and she knew he was fantasizing about her ass. And the mistress knew it was now time for her to have fun at his expense and she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress laughed at the guy as he struggled to do what she asked him to do.

Lady Anja felt that she needed to have her ass worshipped. It had been a while since that had happened and she wanted to enjoy it again. So she got this guy to do it and since he needed a little motivation in order to do it, she used her sexy ass to tease him and also her high heels to scare him into action. He did what she asked.

This guy had an interest in mistress Anfisa and since he felt that she was out of his league, he did what she did not expect. He offered to pay her so that he could have the chance to ass worship her. She did not object as she knew she stood to benefit a lot especially financially and it was also something new for her to enjoy. So she let her do it to her and pay.

Mistress Alisha was on a mission to use her big butt to make a guy cum but through big butt domination and ass worship. The guy worshipped her ass and she enjoyed every bit of it. She also had the guy lie down and she facesat on him and dominated him like never before. He loved that her ass on him and his face and it made him cum despite being dominated.

Mistress Mina loves her ass to bits. She loves to pamper it and get it massaged and licked from time to time as a reward for it being hot. The mistress felt that she needed to that done today and she invited this loser over to her place. She teased him and after a few minutes, she was in control of him and she had him do all manner of things to her ass with the exception of fucking her in the ass.

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