Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

Lady Xifeng found out that this guy loved checking out her butt and complementing it. She never paid much attention to him. But today she got an idea to humiliate him and she did it happily. The mistress lured the guy to her house where she got him to worship her butt. He licked it and smelled it as well as did all she wanted him to do to it.

Lady Vivian was feeling naughty and she chose to have fun with herself. She was home alone and she was bored so she ended up making a naughty video with her ass. She danced and teased and gyrated with it. It was a lot of fun for her and she would view the footage and then try something different. She did not notice how time flew as she did so.

This mistress knows she has a great and sexy ass. She did not need anyone to come and play with it when she could do it herself. So she took a video of herself playing with her butt and she had a lot fun in the process. The mistress turned herself on and she ended up satisfying herself as she let her fingers do the walking all over her body.

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