Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

Mistress Dana has a great ass and is not shy about showing it off. She knows a lot of guys love it and she is not afraid to show it to them but for her entertainment and not theirs. She makes it look like she is doing it for them but all she wants to do is to tease them and then deny them. They have to go and jerk off to satisfy themselves.

Princess Serena has a damn perfect ass and she loves to tease guys with it. The mistress noticed this guy was into her and he was infatuated with her ass. So she took advantage of it and she teased him and turned him on. She did it for her own entertainment and so that she could pass some time as she did not have anything better to do. When the guy was turned on, she denied him.

Goddess Yasemin has a sexy body and a killer ass. She used it to brainfuck this guy. She wanted him to worship her ass and when he did, she was not satisfied with the outcome. So she kept going and she brainfucked him and went beyond what she had initially planned. She stopped when she had total control over the guy and he did as she said like a zombie.

Princess Serena has an amazing ass and she does not shy away from using it to humiliate guys for her own fun. Today she was having a free day and she chose to use it to humiliate and have fun at the expense of this loser who was always thirsting after her ass. She turned him on in a mighty way but she denied him and told him to go and jerk off.

Lady Maria's ass is out of this world. She is not the kind of person who can sit on something that wonderful and not use it to her advantage. She did not have much to do today so she felt getting her ass worshiped was a good way to spend her day. So she used it to tease this guy and she got him to watch as she turned him on but denied him.

Lady Fine enjoys it when she gets other people to worship her ass. That is what she wanted done today, and as usual, whatever she wants is what happens. This guy was made to watch as she gyrated her hips and wiggled her ass. He was turned on but she did not give him a chance to even touch her. He had to endure being teased and denied because that is what happened.

Princess Araya got this guy to sit back and watch as she did naughty and crazy things with her butt. He was shocked at what she did and he was turned on immediately but she did not allow him to go anywhere near her. He thought he would tap that ass but she did not allow it. If he had to do anything, it was to worship her ass and maybe jerk off.

Princess Kitty has one hell of an ass. And she knows she has a lovely ass. She never fails to use it whenever she feels naughty and wants to have fun or to humiliate a guy. That is what she did today as she got this loser to check out her ass and to worship it. She had caught him checking out her butt and she knew it was time to get him to worship it.

Being sexy, naughty and adventurous, this mistress's boyfriend wanted her to put on a strip show for him. But she did not want it to be free for him. He had to pay for it. She told him that would give him the motivation to go wild for him. So he made it rain for her and she teased him with her gorgeous ass and naughty styles. He loved every bit of it.

These kinky mistresses never miss an opportunity to have fun. They like to experiment with different ways of having fun and today they had a great time using their asses for fun. They teased this loser who did not have any chance of ever fucking them and had him lick their asses and smell their farts. Despite all the humiliation, the sight of their sexy asses and their thongs made him endure.

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