Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

Mistress Anfisa made this guy feel like crying because she used her sexy charm to make him worship her butt. She has a deadly ass and she teased him with it while wearing and showing off her g-string. She also made flirty and naughty moves knowing too well that the guy was horny. It was like adding fuel to the fire and he was horny as fuck. But she teased and denied him. That is why he felt like crying.

Mistress Dana needed to pay this loser but she felt she could give him something far better than money - her time and showing off her hot body. People like him could only dream of hot bodies like hers. And she chose to use her hot ass to flirt with him and tease him. She showed off her g-string as well as her amazing ass and he could not resist jerking off to what he saw.

Lady Alshari did not ask this guy to worship her butt but she knew he had a thing for sexy asses and given that she had one, she knew he would not resist it. The mistress wore a fitting latex which made her figure and especially her ass pop out. The guy's eyes nearly popped out of their sockets as he admired and stared at her. She loved the reaction.

Mistress Livia has a great ass and an equally nice pussy and asshole. She is not afraid to show them off and she did so today. She showed the off to this guy who had been begging her to go out with him. She drove him wild with her naughtiness and by the time she was done with him, she was sure he would never leave her alone as she had given him a taste of her naughtiness.

This mistress wanted to entertain this guy and she felt that using her ass was the best way to go about it. And she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress got this guy to watch as she teased him and turned his dull day into a great one. He loved all she did and he wished she would let him touch the lovely behind but she did not.

Lady Anja had been requested numerous times by this loser to let him worship her butt but she had always found it weird and she refused all those times. But today she was bored and curiosity got the better of her and she agreed. She showed off her ass and she was fascinated to see how much of an effect it had on him and how he jerked off to satisfy himself. Then he appreciated her by paying her some good money.

Princess Isabella wanted to flaunt her hot ass and she did it for fun. She did it at the expense of this guy she had just met in her neighborhood. She teased him and she got him turned on but she denied him as she was not interested in sleeping with him but rather to have fun at his expense and humiliate him in the process, which is what she did.

Mistress Dana was addicted to having her ass worshiped. Ever since she had had it worshiped, she has never looked back. She always likes to make guys admire it and she loves the reactions she gets from them staring at her ass and how it bounces up and down. Some of them, like this guy, drool literally when they see her hot ass and even her big tits. And this is what she loves to see.

Mistress Anfisa likes to show off her hot body and especially her hot behind. The mistress was at it again today as she made this loser watch her as she gyrated her behind and showed off her thong through her jeans. It was a pretty and sexy sight for the guy and he could not help but get turned on. She however did not feel the same and she had achieved her objective so she teased and denied him.

Lady Vivian knew her man loved her ass and he loved to worship it. He loved it when she showed it off to her and how she facesat on him. But today she was not interested in any of that. All the mistress wanted was to tease him as well as make him get horny and then deny him until the evening. And the fact that she did not show any skin as she did it with her jeans made things worse for him as he yearned to see some skin.

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