Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

Mistress Niki and mistress Sara have great asses and bodies but they were also naughty. They wanted to try girl on girl action but being naughty girls, they spiced it up a little bit. They had a guy lick their asses and especially their assholes while they made out before they went to lick each other's pussies and finger fuck each other until they had the multiple orgasms they knew would follow.

Mistress Tink and mistress Cassie felt that they needed to dominate their sleepy slave and they went ahead to do it. It was a lot of fun for them but they did not stop to consider what it did to their slave. The slave was humiliated and he was in a lot of pain as a result. The mistresses' asses were dirty as they had not showered the whole day.

Mistress Zephy does not like being in the company of losers but this one did not stop being around her so she felt that she needed to make use of him since he kept taking himself to where she was. So she took him to her house where he had to lick and smell her ass as well as her farts. When she was done, she sent him away as she had no other use for him.

Mistress Sofi wanted her boyfriend to learn how to worship her ass because it was a huge part of her sex life. Her boyfriend had never done it before and she knew that he had to learn. This was also because he loved her ass and it would be better if he knew how she loved to be ass worshipped. So she showed him practically what she wanted done to it from licking it to smelling it and even rubbing it and spanking it.

This girl wanted to ass worship mistress Melinda but she knew that she would likely say no. So the girl enticed her by telling her that she wanted to pay her for the chance to lick her ass and make her cum. Mistress Melinda had never had girl on girl fun before and she was being paid for it. So she agreed and had the time of her life. The ass licking was so good that she came.

Lady Naomi loves compliments. And today she wanted to get them in plenty so she did something she had never done before. She exposed her hot ass for guys to check out as she knew that the compliments would flow. And true to her assumption, the compliments flowed from guys who were turned on and wanted to fuck her. But she did not give anyone the chance to do it.

This guy was infatuated with lady Meli and when she realized that, she took advantage of him. She knew he had particular interest in her ass and she used it to make some money out of him. He had to pay her to ass worship her and the mistress loved it. The guy did not refuse. He agreed to pay her so as to get the chance to worship her gorgeous butt.

Mistress Mystique was disappointed in this guy and she knew it was good for her to punish him so that he learned never to mess with her and to stop being dishonest. So the mistress used her hot ass and made him worship it. In doing so, he had to lick it and smell her farts as well. She nearly choked him as she did her thing on his face.

When you have an ass as hot as mistress Venus has, it is easy to get it worshipped. But mistress Venus did not know that ass worshipping was a thing until she met this guy who told her he wanted to worship her ass. She was shocked and she tried to check if it was a thing and she found it was. She wanted the experience so she invited the guy to her house and she tied him to a chair as she let let him check out her hot ass from afar.

Lady Fenja has an ass to die for and she knew this guy would not be able to resist it. So she teased him and got him hooked on everything she did and what she told him. After she had that control over him, she made him her toilet slave and she had him lick her ass and her asshole first then do the same to her shit. And he did it all without asking questions.

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