Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

Mistress Alisha knew this guy was horny and she used that to humiliate him. She teased him and made him hornier than he was. She teased him with her hot ass as she danced in front of him and told him of all the things she wanted to do to his dick but she did not do any of those things. When she was done, she told him to get out.

Lady Anja knew that her boyfriend missed her ass and he loved to worship it. But he was not around because of work engagements but he needed to check out her ass. So she sent him a video of her ass so that he would worship it and even use it to jerk off before he got home to have the real thing. He loved it when he got it.

Mistress Anfisa has a gorgeous ass. She loves it when she gets it complimented by people in the streets but she loves it, even more, when she gets ass worshipped. She had missed it and she wanted that to be done today. So she flirted with this guy and invited him back to her place where she tied him up before she teased him with her sexy ass and had him worship it.

Mistress Dana is blessed with a gorgeous ass and she did not hesitate to have it worshipped. That is what she did today as she had this loser check out her ass and then she ordered him to jerk off as she twerked for him. He could not believe it and he did as she asked him and had a great time worshipping her ass and also jerking off like she asked him.

This mistress has a gorgeous ass and she can use it to please and to torture depending on what she feels like doing. The mistress used her as today to do both as she wanted to turn on this guy and then when she was done doing so, deny him but also use it to smother him and choke him a little bit. So she wore her makeup and looked fine before she got down to business.

Mistress Sasara felt that her husband was not giving her the attention she wanted and that did not feel right with her. She was bored and she craved his attention. So the mistress went ahead and she undressed and went to where he was seated and dangled her ass on his face. He could not resist it nd he buried his face in`it and that is how they had amazing sex and they spent a few hours together.

Mistress Lisa wanted to get this guy's attention so she used her hot ass to seduce him. The mistress knew that for him to do what she wanted, he had to make sure that he was into her. The mistress turned him on with her irresistible charm and she got into his mind and she got what she wanted out of him. He also had a great time checking out her hot ass although he did not get to nail her as he wanted.

Mistress Corinne had done something wrong and she wanted to get pardoned and she felt that the best way to do was to have this guy teased and to make him forget what she had done. The guy agreed to do what she had told him and he loved her ass and in the process, he forgot what she had done. The mistress got her wish and got her pardon.

This guy tried to seduce princess Serena but she felt he was not in her league. But she wanted to have fun at his expense nonetheless. She went ahead and she made him worship her gorgeous ass. He had no choice but to do what she had instructed him to do. He even jerked off as per her instructions and he was helpless against her and did everything she said.

Lady Anja wanted to get a taste of ass worshipping but she did not have a loser to do it for her. And since she did not know how to go about it and she did not want to ask, she chose to pay this guy to do it for her. The mistress checked out online videos of worship my ass fetish so that she had an idea of how it was supposed to be done and she got this guy to do the same.

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