Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

Princess Serena loves to flaunt her butt so that guys can admire it. She does it so that she can get affirmation as well as validation through it. They think she does it for their benefit but she does not. She is always doing it for herself because she is thirsty for the compliments. And that is what she wanted today as she used her lingerie to show off her hot ass.

Goddess is blessed with a lovely ass and she wanted to use it to drive a guy wild. That is what she did and it was better than how she had thought it would be. The mistress tied this guy to a chair so that he did not jump on her when he she turned him on. Then the mistress teased him and drove him wild but he could not help himself and she could not take him out of his misery. It was real torture.

Lady Shay had not had her ass worshiped recently and she wanted it to be worshiped today. So she got this loser who had a crush on her to come to her house and she teased him. He literally drooled as she flaunted her ass and he felt like doing a million things to it and he even told her. But she did not care and she did not do it.

Mistress Nicole has never had her ass worshiped. She found this guy who wanted to worship her ass and she was bewildered at first but she was also curious and she let him worship her ass so that she could find out what it meant. He complemented her ass and told her to gyrate for her and the expression on his face made her continue what she was doing as she could clearly see her ass was having an effect on him.

Mistress Lisa used her ass to torture this guy. And she did it without touching him. The mistress tied him to a chair and she got him to watch as she teased him and she did her thing. The guy got turned on immediately but he could do nothing about it. When she felt he was at the peak, she denied him and she left him there. It was humiliating.

Mistress Gina knew that her boyfriend was madly in love with her ass. He wanted to lick and smell it today and he was so serious that she had to agree and let him do it. The mistress did not think it would be fun for her but it ended up being a great thing for her too and not just him. She felt great as he licked her ass and buried his face in it.

Lady Anja loves it when her ass is worshiped. Her boyfriend loves her ass to the moon and back and worshiping it is his favorite thing to do. He loves to look at it, lick it and feel it on his face before he fucks her. It makes her feel alive and he cannot believe that all that ass is his. Today the mistress wanted him to worship it without touching it which was tricky for him.

Mistress Dana has a great ass and is not shy about showing it off. She knows a lot of guys love it and she is not afraid to show it to them but for her entertainment and not theirs. She makes it look like she is doing it for them but all she wants to do is to tease them and then deny them. They have to go and jerk off to satisfy themselves.

Princess Serena has a damn perfect ass and she loves to tease guys with it. The mistress noticed this guy was into her and he was infatuated with her ass. So she took advantage of it and she teased him and turned him on. She did it for her own entertainment and so that she could pass some time as she did not have anything better to do. When the guy was turned on, she denied him.

Goddess Yasemin has a sexy body and a killer ass. She used it to brainfuck this guy. She wanted him to worship her ass and when he did, she was not satisfied with the outcome. So she kept going and she brainfucked him and went beyond what she had initially planned. She stopped when she had total control over the guy and he did as she said like a zombie.

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