Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

Princess Serena has a gorgeous round ass and she flaunted it in an effort to turn on this guy. He was so turned on that his erection was kind of painful. He wanted to fuck her badly but she did not let it happen. She did not even get near him. All she did was tease him with her sexy body and spankable ass and she managed to torture him from a distance. She teased and denied him which was torture to him.

Lady Bunt has a perfect round ass and she looks good in whatever she wears. She was wearing hot pants and a thong and she used them to tease and to have fun. She knew she was not going to let this guy smash her but that did not stop her from turning him on with her gorgeous ass. He loved everything she did but she had tied him to a chair so that he did not disturb her.

Lady Vivian knew her boyfriend loved her ass. It was a source of pleasure for him for a long time. But today she wanted to turn it into a source of pain. In short, she weaponized her ass and she got it to deliver a lot of pain and humiliation to him because he deserved it. He had messed up big time and she used her ass to facesit on him and choke him and crush his head.

This horny mistress wanted to be fucked hard. But her boyfriend came home tired and he did not like he was interested in anything other than resting. She was not going to sleep with her needs so she used her ass which she knew he absolutely loved to get him turned on. She only wanted one round and after how she flirted with him, he summoned his strength and gave it to her.

Goddess Yasemin is a debt collector and it is not always that she uses force to collect a debt. Sometimes all she needs it to use a little flattery and a little teasing to get it. She noticed that this guy had a thing for her nice ass and she used it to tease him. Within no time, the guy had paid back the debt he owed and she went away happily.

Mistress BlackDiamoond had always wanted to be licked in the butthole. She had tried to hint it to her boyfriend but he flatly refused. He did not even want her to do it to him. She had no option but to get someone who would do that to him. She figured that if she did not fuck him and he just licked her asshole, she would not be cheating on her man.

Princess Jersey loves how her boyfriend grabs her ass. She has a big ass and her boyfriend loves it dearly. He loves to grab and to spank it all the time but he was away and she missed it. She wanted him to do those things to her but he was not near and she had to do them for herself. So she grabbed her own ass and she spanked herself.

Lady Shay did not show any intention of revenging on what this guy had done to her. The mistress let the guy forget he had pissed her off and done bad things to her. When she felt enough time had passed and she wanted her revenge, she knew he did not remember. So she invited him to her house where she lied to him there as a deal she wanted them to discuss. But he found himself being her ass slave and being choked with her ass.

Princess Serena likes the thrill of doing naughty things in public. She liked this guy and they were flirting. They were doing progressively crazy things and she wanted to top it. So she did this by teasing him with her thong. She opened her jeans and she showed off her thong as he watched and wished he could put his dick in what he was seeing in front of him.

Princess Kitty wanted to give this guy a taste or rather a smell of her sexy ass. She knew he had the hots for it and she wanted to have fun at his expense. So she had the best of both when she got him to get closer to her ass and touch it with his face. She then made him smell her butt and she farted on him in the end.

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