Worship my ass!

Lick, kiss and smell my divine ass, slave!

This mistress knew that her workmate was into her and she wanted to take advantage of that to control him. And she did so by using her ass which she had noticed that he was into. The mistress enjoyed turning him on with her ass and then using it to control him. The guy was made to lick it, smell it and do other sorts of things that she wanted.

Goddess Nika went and bought sexy lingerie. She then wore it and waited for her husband to get home. When he did, he found her looking absolutely sexy and he wanted to have her right there and then. But she did not give him the chance just yet. She teased him and got him to worship her ass and do other naughty things for her before she finally let him have her.

Mistress Harley has a fetish for getting her butt worshipped and that is what she did today. The mistress wanted to have her ass worshipped but the guy she wanted to do it did not know how. So she had to teach him how she wanted it done. She had not expected it to be fun when she taught someone to do it but it ended up being more entertaining than she had expected.

This guy had a thing for lady Zora and he especially loved her ass. He got an opportunity to worship it today and she did not let the chance go to waste. The mistress had a great time being licked and having her ass caressed by the guy as he smelled it and showered praise on it. She loved every bit of it and it became a thing for her.

Goddess Greta wanted to have her ass worshipped and that is what happened. The mistress did not bother to ask this guy. She just got him to lick her ass and she humiliated him a great deal. The mistress choked him while she facesat on him and she also crushed his face before she had him worship it, lick it, and shower compliments on it. That is when she let him go.

Mistress Mystique was dying to have her ass worshipped so she made this slave do it. It was easy for her to do that as she made it look like she was doing it as a punishment to him. He was shocked but what she asked him to do but he knew that he did not have a choice but to do what she had asked him. It was more of an order.

Mistress Anfisa loves to play with her ass and that is what she did today. She was bored and she used her hot ass to cure the boredom. The mistress spanked herself and recorded herself playing with her ass and she was surprised that she was turned on as she did that. And that led her to turn the attention from her ass to her pussy and she had to make herself cum.

Princess Serena had gotten a better offer at another firm and she was ready to quit her job for the new position. And she had to teach her boss a lesson as he had not been good to her at all. So she teased him as she knew he found her attractive and that was the genesis of her troubles as she did not want to sleep with him. And after teasing him, she tortured him without touching him and still denied him and made him feel like crap.

Mistress Gina loves to have naughty fun and today she felt like having her ass eaten and her pussy licked but she still wanted to play her video games. So she bent over and she had this guy lick her ass and smell it as well as lick her pussy. All this while she was playing her video games and she had a great time as she had the best of both worlds.

Lady Vivian was angry at her husband but he did not know it. He wanted to fuck her but she did not want any of that. But she did not tell him she did not want. So she teased him with her hot ass and she got him very horny before she pretended to have a headache and a stomachache meaning she would not have any sex with him. She told him to jerk off.

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